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Asian Pacific Islander Student Association (CSUF)


Our focus on Asian Pacific Islander American concerns is NOT rooted in a desire to promote insularity and segregation. Instead, we wish to encourage inclusiveness in society by educating members of the campus community on issues affecting Asian and Pacific Islander Americans, a group that has often been excluded from fully participating in mainstream American life. (Say the word 'American' and then form a mental image -- who do you see? Who has set the standard embodied in your mental image, and why has such a person come to represent this norm?)

In keeping with our desire to build collective unity amongst all peoples, we have been honored during our brief history to have collaborated with members from a variety of campus organizations including the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Alliance, the Center for Oral & Public History, the Wushu Club, the Afro-Ethnic Student Assoc., the Pakistani Student Assoc., the Pilipino American Student Assoc., the Womens Center, the Vietnamese Student Assoc., the Multicultural Center, the Cambodian Student Assoc., and many others. 

History of Our Club

Originally named the Student Association for Asian American Studies (SAAAS) and then the Asian Pacific Student Association (APSA), APISA was founded in 1996 by students and faculty affiliated with the Asian American Studies program at Cal State Fullerton.