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Asian Pacific Islander Student Association (CSUF)



We are always looking for people interested in joining our organization.

Who Can Join?

APISA promotes respect for and understanding of ALL peoples. Membership is open to anyone regardless of their race, creed, religion, gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation, age, or physical ability. Individuals who are members of other clubs are welcomed to become concurrent members of APISA.
APISA membership is open-ended and flexible. We do not have dues. Students do not have to undergo some embarrassing initiation ceremony. The only 'requirement' we have for membership is that individuals help out any way they are able to. Some students participate in APISA by assuming leadership positions; others contribute by helping carry equipment to a single event. A couple of our members actually spend most of their energies working with other student clubs, but from time-to-time they will attend APISA meetings in order to provide helpful feedback.
The range of APISA activities vary greatly and accomodate the diverse interests and schedules of students. If you write, illustrate, agitate, web design, politick, think taiko is the bomb, sample beats, prepare spam musubi, lovingly perform grunt work, or just want to hang out with cool (and socially responsible) folks, please contact us.
2006-07 Members
Anthony Ha, president
Jennifer Ng, vice president
Kid Tang, secretary
Danielle Silva, treasurer
Eric Vallesteros, public relations
Marissa Willman, newsletter
Miguel Capinpin, discussion forum coordinator
Gia Araullo
Joe Houng
Taka Go
Kevin Kao
Gus Lozada, talent show coordinator
Dave Matias, peer advisor
Joey Mitsui
Susan Shoho, professional student
Kanako Sumida
Multicultural Leadership Center advisor:
Yen Ling Shek
faculty advisors:
Thomas Fujita-Rony
Susan Shoho
Richard Jong




Cel Areola
Eun-Jung Bae (former president)
Grant Bardsley
Darleene Barrientos
Ryan Baysa (blue key core-tet) 
Rhianne Bergado
Amy Bui
Ron Camerino
Karen Carvalho
Christina Cha 
Eddie Chan
Phillip Chen (wushu club)
Sean Chu (taiwanese student assoc.)
Chaz Curry
Jun Cruz 
DJ Frank_E
Jaynee Do
Irene Duller
Leslie Durante
Chesda Eng
Dave Fidelino
Paul Gerard
Candice Heiden
Julie Heng
Shannon Hotta
Dr. Craig Ihara (club founder, advisor)
Isabella Kanjanapangka
Kevin Kao (former president)
Traci-Kato Kiriyama
Aruni Keenawinna (internatl. student assoc.) 
Domani Kem
Vinh Le
Laura Lesher (vietnamese student assoc.)
Dan Lim
Katy Lin
Maredi Ly
Dave Matias (former president)
Nancy Nguyen (api women's disc. gp.)
Jason Petty
Thuy Pham (api women's disc. gp.)
Dominador Pinera
Dennis Ramirez
Andy Robles 
Twinchit Salcedo
Kirk Santotome
Andi Sims (advisor)
Ryan Suda (blacklava)
Bonnie Tao
Trangdai Tranguyen (former president)
Carol Vu (former president)
Coleen Wakai
Michael Paul Wong (advisor)
Natalia Yamashiro
June Yamauchi
Muhua Zhou

Evening Program (designed by Cel Areola)